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Foulds School


Welcome to Foulds
Building a community of life long learners.


At Foulds we want our children to be resilient risk takers who are well rounded and part of the community. We aim to support our children to become principled, independent and reflective lifelong learners.

We want every child to leave our school the best possible version of themselves.

Our children have a balanced curriculum to ensure that they have opportunities to explore and excel.


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Resilience: we are ambitious, determined risk-takers.

Respect: we value and listen to everybody as individuals.

Teamwork: we all work together and support each other to build our community. 

Self-belief: we are brave, we are reflective, we try our best.

Kindness: we are thoughtful, understanding and care about ourselves and others. 

Responsibility: we are honest, take responsibility for our learning and the choices we make.




The behaviour of pupils is outstanding. They are unfailingly polite. Through adults’ expectations and their own self-regulation, pupils enjoy warm and friendly relationships.

- Ofsted Jan' 2019

Parents, carers, staff and pupils are overwhelmingly positive about the school, its leadership, its values and its contribution to the pupils’ education.

- Ofsted Jan' 2019

Pupils behave extremely well. They are unfailingly friendly, respectful and polite.

- Ofsted Jan' 2019


The school’s work to promote pupils’ personal development and welfare is outstanding. Pupils enjoy school. They look forward to being with their friends and the adults who care for them. The school’s values give pupils a firm foundation for developing strong personal and social skills. Opportunities abound for demonstrating understanding of the values, including membership of the school council and acting as classroom monitors.

- Ofsted Jan' 2019

The curriculum is broad, balanced and effective in contributing to pupils’ academic progress. It is enhanced by a wide variety of inclusive extra-curricular clubs and activities. These enrich pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

- Ofsted Jan' 2019