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  • School Values Resilience
  • School Values Respect
  • School Values Self-belief
  • School Values Teamwork
  • School Values Responsibility
  • School Values Kindness

Our Community Says...

  • I love the feeling of community at Foulds. The school ensures that each child has a sense of belonging and that every individual is valued. Foulds has a soul and this is not something that is present in every school. My child feels as though they are a part of a large family and will greatly miss this next year as they enter the big, scary world of secondary school.
  • Our family all love Foulds and are so happy we chose the school.  We are grateful to all the teachers, admin staff and his teaching assistants.
  • THANK YOU to you all!! You're truly valued and appreciated and super talented at your jobs. My children are happy when going to school and that makes us parents very happy too. I feel the parent consultations are vital in working together to help our children progress. After every meeting we've been able to action something together with the teacher which has been extremely effective. Thank you!
  • Foulds does many things brilliantly.  I like the way the headteacher and other teachers are at the gate in the morning. It creates a sense of community. I also value the newsletters, hearing and seeing what's going on in the school across the years. I also think there's a great range of things going on such as class reps organising get-togethers and the PTA organising events. I believe these things are essential in creating a really nurturing environment for the children to grow in and a really close community where parents go out of their way to help each other. We are very grateful for all that you do.
  • My child is flourishing at Foulds; they are happy, amazing us with their learning and we are very pleased with the school.   Every interaction that I have personally had with the school has been hugely positive.
  • Just want to take the opportunity to say "massive thanks" to the entire Reception year team!  Sincerely appreciate all the great efforts, time and all the thoughts put in front of/ behind the scenes. The little ones have all come in at different developmental stages and 12 months cohort could mean massive differences in terms of challenges between one child from another. This is their first step coming into the school system. Yet the team has done a brilliant job to cater for each of their needs and made them happy yet learning to adapt. The constant learning experiments and improvements put in place prove how caring and dedicated the staff are. They do care! And that's what makes the difference for Foulds as a school.   It's admirable to keep the passion and dedication going unwaveringly under the current climate. Yet they are making huge differences everyday to each of these little delicate lives. We are absolutely grateful

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