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School Council

What is the purpose of our School Council?

Our School Council is a valued forum though which pupils have an active input in the improvements and changes to the school.

Each year, two children from every Infant and Junior class, are elected by their peers to be their representatives.

An important aspect of school council is that it is a two-way flow of communication between all the children and the staff: School Councillors can bring to School Council issues raised by any of their classmates, and equally they can take initiatives from the Senior Leadership Team back to their class to canvas opinion. 

School Council meets once a month, or more frequently when we have a big project on. School Council become involved in all areas of school life.

Some of our past roles have included:

  • deciding which charities to support through fundraising;
  • deciding how to fundraise e.g. a sponsored walk or a sponsored dance;
  • agreeing rules and routines for the new canteen;
  • writing a letter for the advert for a new headteacher and then being involved in interviewing the new head (we did enjoy making Miss Sanett hop, to show how much fun she can be!);
  • choosing new equipment for the playgrounds;
  • contributing ideas to PTA events such as Friday Cafe and the Disco.

Each year the School Councillors make a positive impact on the school and leave a legacy for future Foulds' children to enjoy.


Our School Councillors would like to tell you:

I think School Council is an amazing responsibility and a wonderful job to do for the school!
I like being part of School Council because you are helping the school and everyone in it. You are making the school a better place. Also you get to help the headteacher.

I love school council because we can help raise money for school. We all combine our ideas and I like it because everyone gets a turn to speak. Everything we think of is done as long as we all agree.​

You get the chance to make some great decisions for the school. This is an opportunity to feed back about the school too.
It gives us a fun responsibility and lets the adults listen to the perspective of the children in the school. We work hard to make the school a better place and put forward what our classmates think we could do. We help with decisions and solve problems. We will continue to work hard to improve the school. We really enjoy being part of School Council and hope all the upcoming members love it too!"