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Clubs and Sports Teams

We offer a wide variety of clubs for children to enjoy and explore their talents. Some of our clubs are run by our own staff on a voluntary (unpaid) basis and these are free, although there may be a small charge for resources. Where clubs are run by outside providers then there is often a charge - please contact the office for details.



Running Club (Y3-6) Monday 3.30-4.20pm

Gym Club (Y3-6) Monday 3.30-4.25pm

Spanish Club (Y1/2) Tuesday 12.15-12.45pm

NonStopAction Football (Y3-6) Tuesday 3.30-4.30pm

Drama Club Tuesday Y1 & 2: 3.30-4.25pm

                                    Y3-6: 4.30-5.30pm

Jammerz Singing Club (Y2/Y3)Tuesday 3.30-4.15pm

Chess Club Tuesday KS1: 12.00-12.30pm

                                  KS2: 12.30-1.00pm

ComputerXplorers : Mini Mash (Y1/2) Tuesday 3.30-4.30pm

Art Club (Y1/2) Wednesday 12.15-12.45pm

Art Club (Y5/6) Wednesday 3.30-4.15pm

NonStopAction Football (Y1/2) Wednesday 3.30-4.30pm

Spanish Club (Y3/4) Wednesday 3.30-4.15pm

Running Club (Y3-6) Wednesday 3.30-4.20pm

Spanish Club (Y1/2) Thursday 12.15-12.45pm

Y5/6 Football Squad training (selected)  Thursday 3.30-4.45pm

Gym Club (Y3-6) Thursday 3.30-4.25pm

Running Club (Y1/2) Thursday 3.30-4.15pm

Lego Club Friday KS1: 12.00-12.30pm

                             KS2: 12.30-1.00pm

ComputerXplorers  (Y3-6) Friday 3.30-4.30pm 

Art Club (Y3/4) Friday 3.30-4.15pm

Netball Club (Y4-6) Friday 3.30-4.30PM

Sports Club Availability & Ethos:

We aim to run a range of high quality sporting clubs across as many age ranges as possible. Most of our sporting clubs take place after school and on some days they take place both indoors and outdoors. They are extremely popular with the children, many of them fill up quickly or have waiting lists – please check with the club organiser as to availability and when/how to apply.

As an inclusive school we encourage all children to try out a range of sports e.g. all the clubs below are open to both boys and girls. We encourage all children to recognise that through sport they can learn and live our school values.

For a full list of our current clubs, please see the newsletter.

Sports Inter-School and Intra-School Team Selection

Children may, at times, be selected to represent the school at a competitive fixture. Children are selected according to criteria such as ability, attitude and consistency of performance. Where possible, we also hold open trials in PE lessons or after school in order for all children to try out for teams and events.

We further aim to increase participation by having B and C teams for inter-school events and arranging popular events such as Inter-House Football, Netball and Gymnastics to include more children. We also take part in events that involve all children including intra-school events such as Sports Day and inclusive inter-school competitions like the Year 6 Marathon.

Whilst we endeavour to offer opportunities to as many children as possible, when it comes to competitive fixtures, team places are often limited, and the children understand that being in a club does not guarantee selection for the school team. Team selection can sometimes be bittersweet in that whilst some children are proud of being chosen, others are disappointed; in all areas of life we will encounter disappointments as well as successes and it is important that children learn resilience. We hope therefore children enjoy their clubs first and foremost - both the social aspect and developing their sporting ability. Selection for a team should be treated as a welcome bonus to this.

At Foulds we have strong links with local sports clubs to provide pathways from Foulds' PE lessons and Foulds' Clubs to enjoying and developing these sports outside of school.

Our experienced sports clubs organisers have a wealth of knowledge and would be happy to talk to you regarding the below as well as other avenues to pursue sports outside of school.