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Foulds School


In Music, the children will leave Foulds having a strong appreciation for music in its many forms.  Music, the teaching and learning of it, naturally embodies our school values - of respect, responsibility, resilience, teamwork, self-belief and kindness, and in our teaching, we aim to foster a life-long love of music by igniting a passion and exposing them to diverse musical experiences with a curriculum intended to inspire creativity and self-expression. 

We want our children

  • to develop an enjoyment of music and provide opportunities to express their ideas, creativity and feeling through music (Character and Curiosity)
  • to find their voices as singers, performers and composers by listening and responding to a range of musical styles, and to enable them to become confident, reflective musicians (Character, Curiosity, Challenge)
  • To have the opportunity to experience personal achievement and increase their confidence through making music together and to develop the skills necessary to achieve the highest possible standards in this area (Character, Curiosity, Challenge, Citizenship)


Music is planned from Charanga.  This scheme provides engaging lessons with clear progression in an integrated, practical, exploratory way.  The strands of music (pulse, rhythm, pitch, dynamics, tempo, timbre, structure, texture and notation) weave through the units to encourage the development of musical skills as the learning progresses through listening and appraising, composing (including creating and exploring) and performing.  The children learn through a variety of musical styles and cultures, developing their understanding of diversity in our community and the wider world.  We make the scheme our own by linking to topics where possible and choosing lessons that interest the children. 

Pupil voice sessions are held to take children’s opinions, ideas and feedback onboard and to inform our teaching in Music.

Wider opportunities for whole class music tuition is offered for a term in Year 3/4. This has included recorders, African drums and in September, ukulele.  

Clubs such as choir and peripatetic lessons are offered as extras for the children. 

Children have weekly singing assemblies and the opportunity to perform to each other in monthly music assemblies, class assemblies, Infant Christmas production, Year 6 production and end of year concerts.

Within the community, we have developed links with local schools to extend these opportunities - watching concerts and performances, inviting ex-pupils to perform, performing  and rehearsing with other schools, performing locally to raise money for charity (Choir).

Performers are invited for the children to experience such as Taiko Drumming workshop and the English Pocket Opera Company.