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A Bit of Fun

At Foulds we want to make sure the children have fun and the staff do too.

As a school, we are passionate about bringing the Foulds community closer together.   This was especially so during lockdown when we were all separated.

One of the ways we did this was by making videos.

The Big Sings were born from our wanting our children to keep their love of learning and know that they weren't alone. We asked them and their families to throw their windows and doors open, to stand in their gardens and sing at the top of their voices, together. Other local schools joined in for some of our Big Sings too.

Then there were the videos that the staff made for the children. These were to make the children laugh and let them know we missed them all...then came 'Thank You to the Children'.  We wanted to show our children that when we tell them to challenge themselves, to try something new and to be resilient, this is advice that we try to follow too!

We are so proud of our children and staff for being brave, having self-belief and going for it!

Click here to see our videos: