Special Educational Needs

Special Educational Needs (SEN) at Foulds

We welcome all children into our school, including those with special educational needs.

We are an inclusive school and believe that we must help every child to achieve. 

All children have an equal entitlement to be taught the curriculum and we work hard to adapt our teaching methods and resources to the learning needs of individual children in our care. Sometimes extra teaching help or classroom assistant support may be made available for a particular child, but normally the class teachers, together with the Special Needs Coordinator, plan a program which is tailored to a child’s needs. When necessary we call on outside agencies for further support and advice; this may include the Educational Psychologist, Education Social Worker, or School Doctor. Parents are always consulted and involved.

Need SupportAdvice?
Our Special Needs Coordinator (SENCO) is Miss Melissa Nwankiti. She works very closely with our Learning Mentor, Mrs Coy. 
 If you would like to speak to Mrs Coy or Miss Nwankiti please contact the office.

SEN Report
To read the SEN Report on the school's policy for children with SEN click here

SEN Policy
For all policies, please visit our Policies section

Special Educational Needs (SEN) in Barnet

Also known as the SEN Local Offer

For information regarding the London Borough of Barnet & Foulds offer please click on the flower image below.