School Travel Plan

The aim of Foulds School Travel Plan is to encourage as many people as possible to travel in a safe, sustainable way. That is, we'd like people to walk, cycle, take the bus or other public transport or, if they have to use the car, to car-share.

Here is our travel plan:

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Our Travel Plan has had great success so far. Since it's been in place we have:
  • decreased the percentage of children coming to school by car from 23% to 13%
  • increased the percentage of children "parking and striding" from 1% to 6%
  • maintained a high percentage of children coming to school in active ways - 76%
We are currently working at Gold status for the third time running.

At Foulds we want all children and adults to travel to and from school safely and in a healthy and active way.

Click below to see a child friendly version of the Highway Code:        

Click on the cyclist to find information about cycling safely:

Play some cool games and activities by clicking on the pictures below: