Pupils' Comments

 "Everyone at Foulds is equal. There is no-one higher up than anyone else. That makes us feel safe." 
                                                        Words spoken by a member of the School Council.

What our pupils say they like best about our school (all comments taken from our annual anonymous pupil survey):

'We win lots of sports.' 


 'I like the lesson because it is fun.'

 'Classes are very kind to everyone.'

 'We get treated equally.'

 'Everyone is very friendly.'

 'There are good teachers. There is lots to learn.' 

 'The teachers!'

 'The activities that we have the opportunity to take part in.' 

'The way everyone is very supportive. They sort out our problems.'

'The teachers are very cheerful and enjoy a joke.'

 'I like all the equipment.'

 'It's friendly, sometimes exciting, and safe.' 

 'I like school trips and cross country.'

' Meeting friends and fun events for example World Book Day.'