Pupil Premium

hat is the Pupil Premium?
The Pupil Premium was introduced in April 2011 and is additional funding that the government gives to schools for each pupil on roll where they are deemed to be disadvantaged.
Click here to view the Department of Education information on Pupil Premium funding.

Who receives the Pupil Premium?
Pupil Premium is allocated to pupils in school year groups from Reception to Year 11 from low-income families who are registered for FSM, or who have been registered for FSM at any point in the last six years, together with children that have been in care continuously for 6 months or more. Children that have been adopted from care are now also eligible for this funding.
How much are the Pupil Premium Grants worth?
The Pupil Premium grant per child is £1320 for Ever 6 pupils (children who have been in receipt of free school meals within the last 6 years)

The Pupil Premium Plus grant per child is £1900 (children who have been adopted from care)

Please note, children who are currently being 'Looked After' receive separate funding.
In 2016-2017 Foulds received a Pupil Premium of £50,100

In 2017 - 2018 Foulds received a Pupil Premium of £37,060

Pupil Premium at Foulds 
Here is a breakdown of our plans to spend our Pupil Premium money for this year and the impact of last year's funding.



Foulds school is a one and a half form entry school in Barnet. Here at Foulds school, we have high aspirations and ambitions for all of our children regardless of upbringing or social and economic circumstances.


The Pupil Premium funding began in 2011 and is allocated to ‘disadvantaged children’ who are currently known to be eligible for Free School Meals (FSM) and children who have been looked after continuously for more than six months or are adopted from care.



The government sets the funding that the school receives as follows:



     £1,320 for each pupil in year groups reception to year 6 who have been known to be eligible for FSM any point in the last 6 years.


     £1900 for children currently being ‘Looked After’.


     £1900 for children who have been adopted from care. 


     £300 for each child who has been known to be a service child at any point in the last 5 years.



How do we decide what to use pupil premium for in 2017-2018?


Ofsted inspections report on how schools’ use of the funding affects the attainment of their disadvantaged pupils.


Schools are also held to account through performance tables, which include data on:


     The attainment of the pupils who attract the funding

     The progress made by these pupils

     The gap in attainment between disadvantaged pupils and their peers



The decision on what pupil premium funding will be used on is driven by the school leadership team who liaise with both teachers and support staff. Together, they analyse the school data each term and make recommendations for the expenditure to further support the needs of the children.

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