Parents' Comments

We are always looking for ways to improve at Foulds, and we are keen to seek your views through our annual parent/carer survey.
This year you don't need a log in to take part in our survey. Please complete the survey once for each child that you have at the school, keeping one child in mind each time (because each child's experiences will be different). The form will be open to take feedback until Sunday 10th April 2016. 
As usual, we will share the results of the survey with you along with any resulting actions. 
All feedback will be gratefully received, but please bear in mind that this is not the right place to raise any complaints - if you do have an issue then please see your child's class teacher in the first instance.  Any complaints raised here will not be dealt with.
Thank you!

What our parents say (
comments taken from our annual parent/carer survey and feedback from annual reports):

"We are absolutely thrilled with xxx's report, and are very pleased with the progress he is making. Thank you for all the guidance and support you are providing."

"We are obviously extremely pleased with xxx' report... ...(she) is really enjoying year 6 and we're so happy that she is taking advantage of all the opportunities for extra-curricular activities. We feel that she is being very well prepared for secondary school in September and would like to extend our thanks to all of the staff at Foulds for all of their wonderful teaching, help and support."

"We are very impressed with xxx's annual report. She has achieved and improved lots for the past 6/7 years in Foulds School with the guidance and support from all the lovely and dedicated teachers."

'So far think Reception has been brilliant, my child is full of enthusiasm and comes home full of ideas, questions and yearn to learn.'

"We are both extremely proud of xxx and his achievements despite some of the difficulties he has. His report is wonderful and we are very happy with the progress he has made this year and the fact that he continues to love school and is very happy."

"Thank you for a lovely report. Xxx has had a wonderful time in Chestnut class and has made good progress due to the excellent teaching!"

'Since our son started at Foulds our expectations, in terms of his Special Educational Needs and the individual care he has received, have been exceeded. As parents, we also feel supported by the school and are delighted that our son is lucky enough to be at Foulds.'

'I feel the school has a good philosophy of caring about others. There is a good rounded education in a fun and positive way. We are extremely happy with Foulds school. '

'Foulds has helped develop my child into a well-rounded individual who sees learning in a positive light and who really enjoys school life and is well prepared for KS3. Well done to all the staff and thank you!'

'Having had 2 children with a 7 and a half year age gap go through Foulds, we are very satisfied with the education they have both received and they have both been very happy.'

'My child has greatly benefitted from the excellent teaching community at Foulds.'

'My child is relatively new to the school but so far everyone- staff and pupils- have made him feel so welcome.'