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Holiday Dates

Parents are reminded that rules on holidays in term-time are still in force and the law has not changed. Barnet’s Education Welfare Team will continue to issue fixed-penalty notices (FPNs) to parents who take children out of school without leave when schools and academies request them. 

The Education Welfare Team visits some family homes when it appears that children have been taken out of school before the end of the summer term. Where parents tell us that their children are ill, an Education Welfare Officer would expect to find those children being cared for at home. If this is not the case, parents should expect to receive FPNs once their children are back in schools, unless they can explain their circumstances. 

The arguments about holidays are sometimes in the news and individual stories can create misleading pictures. Parents can best support their children and their school by abiding by the rules. Education is not free: it is paid for by taxpayers, including teachers, parents and people without children. Head teachers are required to apply rules firmly and fairly and are held to account by government. It is therefore much appreciated if all parents act responsibly and plan holidays and family visits when school is closed.

Family holidays during term time are not authorised.  When planning a family holiday, please refer to the term dates below, which you can download as a pdf.

Please let other members of the family know the dates, just in case they plan to surprise you with a holiday, and tell them it would need to be during the school holidays!

Autumn term 2018 
School closed: INSET DAY Monday 3rd & Tuesday 4th September 
Beginning of term: Wednesday 5th September 
Half term: Monday 22nd.October – Friday 26th October 
School closed: INSET DAY Monday 29th October 
Last day of term Friday 21st December 

Spring term 2019 
School closed: INSET DAY Monday 7th January 
Beginning of term: Tuesday 8th January 
School closed: INSET DAY Friday 15th February 
Half term: Monday 18th February – Friday 22nd February 
Last day of term: Friday 5th April 

Summer term 2019 
Beginning of term: Tuesday 23rd April 
School closed: Monday 6th May (May Day Bank Holiday) 
Half term: Monday 27th May – Friday 31st May 
Last day of term: Tuesday 23rd July