How was school today?

“How was school today?”


Does it ever drive you crazy as parents when you try to find out about what has happened at school and it is like getting blood out of a stone? Maybe try to change your tactic. Within the curriculum we have a responsibility for developing and assessing children’s oracy. We have often found it is about asking the right questions to unlock responses. So, instead of opting for the “how was your day?” perhaps try one of these options:

1. What game did you play at playtime?

2. What made you smile today at school?

3. What was the funniest thing the teacher said?

4. Who do you want to make friends with in your class, but you haven't had a chance yet?

5. Who bought in the yummiest thing for packed lunch today?

6. Tell me one cool thing you learned today.

7. What was the hardest rule to follow in class today?

8. If you got to choose, who would you want to sit next to/not want to sit next to in class?

9. Tell me three different times you used your pencil today.

10. How would you rate your day at school out of 10? Why?

11. When did you feel most proud of yourself today?

12. Which new words did you learn?