Google School

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In 2015, Foulds became one of the first schools in Barnet to become a ‘Google School’ and implement ‘Google Apps for Education.’

Our ICT suite features 16 Google Chrome computers in addition to a growing collection of portable Google Chromebooks for use in class. All of this networked hardware use Google’s suite of applications including Google Mail, Google Docs (word-processing), Google Sheets (spread sheets), Google Slides (presentations) and Google Sites (the website building app from which our new website was built).

Using Google Apps for Education school has brought numerous benefits including the ability for staff and students to have access to their email and files at home, at school and anywhere else, 24/7. Furthermore these files can be worked on collaboratively between staff and student with files instantly and reliably backed up to the cloud.

Over the last year, the children have become very adept (very quickly) at using this new software and hardware and are using it across the curriculum. Going forward, Foulds will be looking to further develop these areas as well as integrate ‘Google Classrooms’ into learning, allowing homework and learning to be accessed (and submitted) more online.