Committees & Roles

The Governing Body meets 3 times a year and sub committees covering staffing, curriculum and finance meet termly. 

Governors help to shape the strategic direction of the school and liaise closely with the Head and other senior management staff. 

In addition to attending committees, some governors take on leadership responsibilities, such as chairing committees, whilst other have responsibility for specific areas such as Safeguarding; H&S and SEN. The Governing Body at Foulds has a positive working relationship with the School, supporting activities and achievement and acting as a critical friend.

Attendance at FGB meetings
NameCategory of governorAppointing bodyResponsibilityCommitteesStart DateEnd dateAut 16Spr 17Sum 17Aut 17Spr 18Sum 18Aut 18Spr 19
Bronwen TumaniAppointed parent governorElected by parentsChair of GovernorsResources22 March 201120 March 2019YYY
Kavita BandParent governorElected by parentsSafeguardingResources5 Dec 20134 Dec 2017YYY
Lisa JamesParent governorElected by parentsHealth and SafetyResources9 Feb 20178 Feb 2021N/AYN
Jonathan HuddlestonParent governorElected by parentsVice Chair of governorsCurriculum & Welfare24 June 201423 June 2018YYY
Paul FerrieCo-opted governorElected by Governing BodyChair of Resources committeeResources22 March 201117 March 2019YYY
Karen HardyCo-opted governorElected by Governing BodyChair of Curriculum & Welfare committeeCurriculum & Welfare27 June 201726 June 2021YYY
Amanda CoyCo-opted governorElected by Governing BodyCurriculum & Welfare20 March 201419 March 2018YYN
Cllr David LongstaffLA governorNominated by LAResources24 March 201022 March 2018N NY
Helen BrowettHeadteachern/aHeadteacherAll21 April 2015n/aYYY
Katherine StrongStaff governorElected by staffCurriculum & Welfare31 Jan201730 Jan 2021N/AYY
Chris CuddihyCo-opted governorElected by Governing BodyCurriculum & Welfare23 June 201622 June 2020NYY
James FreedParent governorElected by parentsPupil Premium, SEN & InclusionCurriculum & Welfare29 March 201728 March 2021N/AYY
Maggie LakinCo-opted governorElected by Governing BodyEarly Years tbctbc29th June 2017    28th June 2021N/AN/AY